your turn


your turn

Welcome to Flywheel Project, where aspiring leaders gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship through the Black Lab Sports startup ecosystem. 

We are on a mission to identify, develop, grow, and support future leaders.
We surround ourselves with awesome humans.
We choose to work with businesses that develop and grow the individual, the team, and the community.
We celebrate innovation, creativity, and practice the art of turning thoughts into reality.

Come help us make a better world...


/flīˌ(h)wēl/; nouna heavy revolving wheel in a machine that is used to increase the machine's momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power during interruptions in the delivery of power to the machine.


Flywheel Project develops tomorrows business leader's and entrepreneurs through innovative project-based and experiential learning. Flywheel Project connects leading companies with up and coming leaders who are equipped to make an immediate contribution and positive impact. 

Strategic Objectives

Flywheel Project creates opportunities for up and coming leaders to be immersed in critical hands-on experiential learning experience. We provide these opportunities through strategic partnerships with a network of companies in the sports and business landscape. Up and coming leaders will learn by having applicable roles and responsibilities in a diverse portfolio of organizations from startups to well established enterprises. Flywheel Project is an enhanced application based learning platform connecting experienced hard working talent to their future dreams.

Flywheel Project provides a new avenue for gaining skills and expertise. Our philosophy is one of experience-based learning and project-oriented outcome. Flywheel Project creates highly skilled and challenge tested leaders with relevant, applicable experience within todays business landscape. 

Our strength comes from a network of companies that are regarded as best places to work. These leading companies influence our curriculum to ensure Flywheel Project's leaders will make immediate impact with the company they join. By partnering with Flywheel Project, companies have early access to potential recruits and are confident that the leaders they hire have the foundation to be successful within their organizations.