Flywheel Project Directors

Jessica Janel Baumgarten   Director of the Business of Sports at Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

Jessica Janel Baumgarten

Director of the Business of Sports at Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

Arlie Huffman   Director of Career and Technical Education, Boulder Valley School District

Arlie Huffman

Director of Career and Technical Education, Boulder Valley School District

Sky Van Horn   Founder and Owner of OPEX, Element 6

Sky Van Horn

Founder and Owner of OPEX, Element 6

Michael O'Brien   Executive Director, Flywheel Project

Michael O'Brien

Executive Director, Flywheel Project

JP O'Brien   Founder & CEO, Black Lab Sports

JP O'Brien

Founder & CEO, Black Lab Sports


Summer 2020 Interns

The Thinker-Doers at FlyWheel Project

Summer 2020 Interns

The Thinker-Doers at FlyWheel Project


Jake Hardy

Jake Hardy joins us this summer from Buffalo, NY where he attends Canisius College. Jake wants to focus on growing his leadership and work ethic through his Flywheel Project experience. Student athlete driven by a desire to make the most of every opportunity in life through diligence, teamwork, and detail-orientation. Jake is currently In pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics at Canisius College. He is also Member of Canisius' NCAA D1 Men's lacrosse team.



Ford Cousin

Ford was born in Los Angeles and quickly made his way to Colorado at age two. Ford currently attends the Salisbury School in Connecticut. Ford loves all things entrepreneurial and launched a photo scanning ecommerce play two years ago. He has also taken Business courses at USC and UCLA. Ford plays Basketball, Lacrosse, and runs Cross Country at his school. He hopes to implement his Flywheel principles into both his own venture and as part of the Entrepreneurial Studies Center at Salisbury. Ford is ravenous to assist companies and further learn what aspects go into making a business sustainable and profitable.


Shayna bls.jpeg

Shayna Kliger

Shayna is a senior at Monarch High School where she is a member of the Volleyball team. She is currently enrolled in a business leadership program at Front Range Community College. Shayna has a strong interest in business,“I am passionate about all aspects of marketing and interested in pursuing a business degree in college.” Shayna looks forward to implementing her social media and marketing expertise into the Flywheel ecosystem.


Andrew Yi.jpeg

Andrew Yi

Andrew Yi is a mechanical engineering major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Andrew has worked in the NASA JP lab and was involved in designing a new battery at Tesla. Born and raised in Boulder, Andrew is ecstatic to be returning home for the summer. Andrew had a long lasting lacrosse career at his past high school Fairview ,and it remains as one of his main passions. Andrew is passionate about the environment and Business focused on sustainability. The innovative and fast paced environment in the Flywheel project is the perfect atmosphere for Andrew.


Erin Quinn Bls.jpeg

Erin Quinn

Erin Quinn studies Analytics at the University of Colorado Leads School of Business. Erin was the previous chapter president of her sorority which allowed her to gain valuable real life experience using communication, leadership, and team work. Her sorority set up fundraisers to raise money for children who are visually impaired. Erin hopes to pursue a career in a fast pace, collaborative, and high energy company in the world of fitness and nutrition.


Jacob Katz.jpeg

Jacob Katz

Jacob is currently studying Finance and Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Jacob is an advocate for community service and has volunteered at the Harvest for Hope Pantry. Jacob was born and raised in Boulder and his excited to be back in town for the summer. Jacob played went to school at Boulder High where he was a four year Baseball player. Returning to Colorado, he's excited to hit the mountains to hike, bike, climb the beautiful rocky’s.



Tripp Hurt

Tripp is a graduate student at the University of Colorado. Having been an en Trip is also a an elite professional runner and is the 2019 USA Road Mile champion. He found The Flywheel Project through his internship at the Startup Summer from Silicon Flatirons. Trip is experienced in the fields of entrepreneurship, human performance, biomechanics. Trips attitude and his overall determination and grit makes him a perfect fit for the ecosystem.


Etha Bls.jpeg

Ethan Kruteck

Ethan is joining us from west coast in the Golden State. Ethan is getting his Bachelors Degree at Claremont McKenna University. Ethan attended Boulder High School. Being from Colorado Ethan is super excited to be back in his community. Ethan has worked locally at Pizzeria Locale’s Boulder Location. Ethan is now a Lacrosse player at Claremont.


Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 9.58.26 AM.png

Alex Norton

Alex is from Cohasset, Massachusetts. Alex Norton plays Defensive line for his Football team at Middlebury College. He also completed a 150-hour certificate program on the fundamentals of business from Harvard Business School. Alex wants to focus on polishing his Financial Literacy and Organization skills this summer.



Matthew Gray

Matthew grew up in Boulder and attended Boulder High School. Matthew is an avid basketball player and was a member of the Panthers team at BHS. Matt is excited to attend the University of Colorado next fall. Matthew is interested in learning more about business in general through the Flywheel project.

0 (1).jpeg

Carter Jenson

Carter is currently a Psychology Major and General Business Minor attending Cleveland State University. Carter is a student-athlete playing Varsity Lacrosse. Carter describes himself as;”A passionate leader and dedicated worker who consistently surpasses expectations." Carter is coaching his Alma mater club Lacrosse team Denver Elite and is loving the experience.



Nick Wendel

Nick is joining us this summer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Nick is a Communication Management major at Cleveland State University. Like Carter, he also is a veteran on his Lacrosse team. Nick served as a team captain his junior year and tied the team in points. Nick also has leadership experience coaching for the Force Lacrosse team.